Personal Financial Engineering is – Ensuring all your financial components work together harmoniously.  Together we will:

Assess your current plan.  At our first meeting we will complete a comprehensive evaluation to gain an understanding of your needs, your philosophy, your unique situation.  You will gain an insight into your current financial situation.

Propose options so all aspects work in balance.  Then we will discuss options, compare your current plan with alternate strategies and implement a new plan.  By the association we form together, implementation is an easy step because our clients are part of the process.  No sales hype, just solid advice.  We provide clients with Guardian’s account aggregation platform through The Living Balance Sheet®.  When costs and inefficiencies are detected, we can identify ways to move these savings back onto the client’s balance sheet, improving their overall financial well being.

Build with the best products available. Properly balanced, each mechanism for protection, assets, liabilities and cash flow will support and improve the performance of all assets to work in harmony.  As an independent broker, we scour the marketplace to find only the best products and companies to implement your plan.

Maintain for top performance. Remember-money on the way to wealth is dynamic, so you can expect to hear from Ron frequently as markets, tax laws and your own circumstances change. Careful tuning keeps every part working at peak efficiency.  Even between annual reviews, if there are any questions your have or changes you would like to discuss, we love to hear from you.

Communicate with other partners.  Ron excels at collaborating with other professionals you may have on your team, such as CPAs, stock brokers, insurance agents and loan officers.